Invited talks

2022                           “The Torah as a Legal Document,” Jewish Thought Departmental Seminar, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, November.

2022                           “A Hebrew Papyrus and its Context,” Jewish History Departmental Seminar, University of Haifa, May.

2021                           “Thinking with Money in the Roman East,” German-Israeli Frontiers of the Humanities Symposium, November.

2019                           “Jewish and Roman Jurists on Navigating Financial Markets,” Rabbinics in Context, University of Chicago Divinity School, November.

2019                           “Making the Poor Disappear in Akivan Midrash,” Charity in Classical Jewish Law Workshop, University of British Columbia and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, July.

2019                           “The Biblical Poor in Tannaitic Midrash,” Talmud Departmental Seminar, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March.

2019                           “Roman Money in the Provinces: A View from Rabbinic Literature,” Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Pennsylvania, January.

2018                           “Your Enemy, the Gentile,” Joint conference of the Truman Center for Peace and the Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Jerusalem, June.

2015                           “There and Back Again: A Journey to Ascalon and Its Intertexts,” Travel in the Roman East: An International Symposium, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June.

2014                           “Usurers and Other Unsavory Professions in Tannaitic Literature,” Oxford Seminar on Jewish Literature in the Greco-Roman Period, January.

2013                           “Neutral Spaces Reconsidered,” Oxford-Jerusalem Colloquium on Abrahamic Religions, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, June.

2011                            “Deuteronomy 25:11-12: Hermeneutics in the Service of Halakhah,” The Midrashim of Eretz-Israel, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem, June.

2009                           “Sweeter than Wine: the ‘Redacted Backbone’ of Mishna Avoda Zara,” Rabbis and Others in Conversation: A Graduate Seminar, Princeton University, May.

Conference Papers

2022                           “Reexamining a Hebrew Letter about a Loan from Late Antique Egypt,” World Congress for Jewish Studies, August.

2020                           “From Syria with Love: Justinian’s Usury Rate Reform and Symeon Stylites,” Meeting of the Israeli Society for Legal History, October.

2018                           “Inflation in Rabbinic Thought: Three Examples,” Meeting of the Money and Finance section of the Israeli Economic History Society, June.

2018                           “Usury and Poverty in a letter attributed to St. Symeon Stylites (MS BL Add. 14,484),” Israel Historical Society Annual Meeting, Ra’anana, March.

2017                           “Face Value: Rabbis on Roman Coinage and Roman Imperium,” World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, August.

2017                           “Roman Coins as Multivalent Tokens: A Rabbinic Perspective,” Theorizing Contacts in the Roman Empire, University of Edinburgh, December.

2016                           “Late Usury: the Post-Halakhic Moment in the Rabbinic Usury Laws,” AJS annual meeting, San Diego, December.

2015                           “Exodus Rabbah 31 and Parallels,” Jewish Attitudes Towards Wealth and Poverty, Brown University, November.

2013                           “Battery as a Test Case for Grand Theories in Tannaitic Literature,” Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December.

2012                           “Assault and Papyri: Rabbinic laws of Damages and Papyrological Parallels,” Jewish Law Association Biennial Conference, Yale University, August.


2021                           “A Passive-Aggressive Hebrew Letter from Late Antiquity,” Martin Buber Society of Fellows Colloquium, March.

2015                           “Prostitution, Usury and Gambling: Money in the Ancient World and Rabbinic Literature,” Hebrew University Honors PhD Program Annual Conference, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June.

2014                           “Lists of Unsavory Professions: Aristotle, Cicero and the Mishnah,” Jerusalem Seminar for the Study of the Ancient World, March.

2013                           “Some Laws of Idolatry in a Forgotten Fragment of Mekhilta Deuteronomy,” Annual Graduate Conference, The Institute for Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March.

2012                           “Mishnah Bava Kamma Chapter 8 and Rabbi’s Role in the Redaction of the Mishnah,” Annual Graduate Conference, The Institute for Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March.